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Dee's Tokyo Blog
Wednesday – May 13th

Japan is a country of contrasts, where old traditions mix with the latest
technology, an amazing blend of many different centuries. Walking through Ueno Park is the Tokyo National Museum which holds a collection of ancient art of Japan. From samurai weapons and armor to the beautiful Imari pottery, it covers Japans history. Ancient temples and well worn stone lanterns grace the park; yet surrounding it is a flurry of crowded market streets, subways and flashing LED screens, technology living side by side with the ancient ways.

Japanese faces rush by in the seemingly constant need to get somewhere else, a wave after wave of people flowing through the streets. Although a bustling city, CaligraphyTokyo has not lost sight of the individual and their service to others. Their sense of dedication and devotion to their jobs is very refreshing. The serious attention to detail blows my mind. Landscape men on their knees hand pulling the weeds from between the blocks on the curbs, women carefully packaging a bought book as if it were a priceless treasure, and cab drivers with their automatic doors and gloved hands, all seem to resonate a sense that every detail is important and cannot be overlooked.

This same attention to detail is fascinating to me as an artist, visually making everything appealing. From beautifully arranged food, spotless cars to the incredible miniature gardens in the middle of a city, nothing is overlooked. The amazing thing is that this is the aesthetic that has been in place for centuries, the precise and orderly ways of the Japanese. It has a timeless tradition of beauty, from ornate patterns and decorations to the austere and super modern architecture; a true blend of old meets new.