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May 15th
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Friday began with a tour of new and old Japan. Beginning at the 46th floor of a high-rise, we looked out at the reclaimed islands of Tokyo. This section of the city is on the edge of the sea and has the latest theatre shows and exclusive restaurants and television production houses.

From this we take a river bus to the most extreme opposite part of town, that of Asakusa. This old section of Tokyo is from a time when it used to be called Edo. As the capital in the 1700’s, Edo housed an entertainment section for a wealthy and middle class Japan. This time was referred to as Ukiyo-e, a floating world, in that life was so casual and carefree that it was likened to that of a gourd floating along on a river just going along with the flow.

Geishas and Noh and Kabuki theatres lived and worked in this area and their lives were illustrated in the many woodblock prints popular at that time.

Today they celebrate a local festival near the Sensoji shrine. Vendors are everywhere selling fish on a stick, octopus balls and candied grapes. The local people are all in costume and fill the streets with a parade. Geishas walk along in their high wooden shoes so that their beautiful robes do not touch the ground. Girls in crane costumes dance in a ritual that mimics the real birds. Drummers and other costumed men carry their local shrines through the streets. A celebration of all that is old Tokyo living in one of the most modern cities in the world.







es·thet·ic or es·thet·ic  - adj. - The appreciation of beauty or good taste,
characterized by a heightened sensitivity to beauty.

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