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Saturday, May 16th
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Sea upon sea of people congregate at Shibuya in Tokyo, the most famous intersection of the city, the Times Square of the East. We get off the bus and view the walls of LED screens and flashing neon, one of Tokyo’s most popular shopping areas. Shop upon shops line large streets and small side roads. Familiar names like Krispy Kreme, Wendys and Ralph Lauren are along side local favorites.

With 30 million in the city, it feels like every one of them is here in this area. The lights and signs cover the buildings flashing with colorful, singing characters. This area is alive with constant movement and every flowing people. When the crossing sign comes on, the intersection fills with thousands making their way to their important errands.
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With this many people, no wonder fashion is so important to many of the youth. Girls in knee high hose with spike heels and short skirts, guys with their spiky hair and t-shirts look to see and be seen. Blond hair, pink tennis shoes and flashes of color all stand out in the flow of people.


blog 3Yet, even in this crowded city, courtesy reigns. Everyone has a cell phone, but they do not talk on them in restaurants, while driving, in the subways, in fact, I really haven’t seen anyone talking on one or texting at all. It really makes you wonder why they have them.

We also travel to the Harajuku area to see the Meiji Shrine and then Yoyogi park, home of the Rockabilly guys and girls. Known to gather each Sunday, they are a popular viewing attraction. Donning old fifties style leather coats and girls in saddle oxfords and net skirts, they dance to music in a mix of modern and old styles.

This is definitely one of the most curious aspects of Tokyo.









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