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Monday, May 21st -
Tokyo Goodbyes

As my last blog from Japan, what hits me the most is their love of beauty; in their landscape of their cities and homes you can see it. With land very precious, even their small doorways to their homes are presented in an aesthetic way that gives serenity. Small potted plants, a bit of bamboo fencing and stone steps all give a sense that is welcoming and serene.

The presentation of their food with a visually appealing balance of color and texture radiate their love of art, even though to a westerner it did not taste quite as good as it looked. Attention to the smallest detail, shows that no matter how small or simple an act or place is, it can have beauty and tranquility. A scarf is carefully packaged in a folded tissue and slid into a bag; Money is exchanged not by hands, but by placing it into a tray and then sliding it over to the salesperson, with the change again placed into the tray. At the department store in the morning you are greeted with a store clerk who slowly bows to you before opening the doors, all this sense of ritual and tradition of courtesy seems to flow through this land.

I leave with a new look at life; maybe the details are what is important. No matter what you do, take care and treat it as though something very special. Make each moment a way to take the mundane to magical and to create something beautiful.

I hope you have enjoyed this trip through Japan with me, a place where old meets new. Please check back over the summer as I explore through my art at all that I have been inspired by. I will be highlighting the work I create as well as what inspired me and the elements used in the piece. Each painting will be inspired from the trip as well as papers and other items collected on my travels, creating a multimedia piece. Each painting will be unique and focus on the colors, textures and rich history that is the orient.

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es·thet·ic or es·thet·ic  - adj. - The appreciation of beauty or good taste,
characterized by a heightened sensitivity to beauty.

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