When Art and Healing Mix

Tampa General Hospital is adding a new Neonatal wing. The new designed space will allow mothers, babies and families a more comfortable and nurturing place to stay while at the hospital.

Working closely with Pam Sanders, Nurse Manager of the Neonatal ICU & Transition Nursery and Robin DeLaVergne, Sr. Vice President of Tampa General Hospital and Executive Director of Tampa General Hospital Foundation, they have designed a space filled with art and beauty.

That is where Full Throttle Intermedia comes in. Dee Youmans-Miller was hired to decorate, with her artwork, one entire length of the unit. Using the Florida theme, Dee rendered two workshops with the nurses from the Neonatal wing. Paintings were designed to incorporate the approximately 40 pieces of art which were created as a way for the staff to take part in the art which will decorate the walls.

The end result are paintings which are both soothing and beautiful. The collaborative pieces blend words which describe the nurses dedication, such as heal, spirit and inspire, with the artwork they created.

The art will uplift the nurses in a job which is both a passion and a special dedication. These healing scenes will create an environment which will be uplifting not only to the staff, but for visitors as well.

Commissioned Work
Dee just finished a commission of a portrait of a great grandfather. The great grandson had only a poor xerox copy and wanted something more permanent. So, instead of just a portrait, Dee researched images surrounding the wonderful story of how he worked with Alexander Bell to create the telephone. The end design collaged the portrait, text and the early telephone to create not only a painting, but a conversation piece as well.

The xerox copy                               The finished painting


"Working with Dee was a great experience. She listened, asked a lot of questions, and even did some of her own research before she presented me with her final interpretation of the artwork. I was very pleased. The painting is exactly what I was looking for! "
Patina R., Private Commission


   "The mural that Dee Youmans-Miller designed for the interior wall of my lobby is such a conversation starter for visitors. The mural is of the continent of Africa with the pictures of the two children that my students sponsor positioned on top of it. The concept and design were exactly what I saw in my head. I could not be more pleased with the results. "

              Jennifer Smith, Executive Director of
                     Crosswinds Wesley Foundation at USF


 "To say that I like the painting is a gross understatement! I am blown away by your unbelievably generous and magnificent gift. Thank you so much It will be displayed proudly in my home."
Lisa D., Private Collector


  "I had a treasured picture of my grandfather and me when I was a little girl.  Using the picture, Dee enlarged it, colored it, and created a unique, framed presentation that we treasure today. We have collected her work in various media and we love them all ! "
               Melanie W., Private Collector,                            


   "Dee did an amazing job of incorporating the elements of scripture, pastor's ideas and creative interpretation to create this piece of art for us. She brought to life the thoughts I had and the truth of scripture. What a gift!"
Rev. Brian James Senior Pastor,                         St. James UMC